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How To: Insulate between wall studs in New Construction

Insulation on wall studsIf your job specifications call for the tightest, most efficient and comfortable structure possible then applying Handi-Foam® Two-Component Foam Spray Insulation is the answer.

Considering the costs of energy to either heat or cool a structure, the extra cost of adding Spray Polyurethane Foam to any renovation or new home project becomes insignificant.

Unlike fiberglass batts, the use of sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) between the wall studs provides a complete air barrier plus up to R-7 per every inch of cured foam. Handi-Foam® is a closed cell product that repels moisture. This feature prevents mold and mildews from taking hold in a wall. For the slight additional cost of using spray foam insulation you achieve a tight, draft free structure that is much more economical to heat or cool and also provides a barrier to moisture, insects and exterior noise. For insulating existing closed wall cavities please see our product description for Handi-Foam® SR Slow Rise foam.

The ultimate insulation job would be to completely fill the space between the studs. A more economical approach would be to spray 1 of Handi-Foam® between the wall studs then finish with a 3-1/2 fiberglass batt. By using an initial layer of foam you can greatly improve the efficiency of traditional fiberglass insulation by blocking the passage of air through your walls. This 2 step approach will yield a minimum R-18 in a 2x4 wall and in a 2 x 6 wall you can go with an R-19 batt for an R-26 rating. To calculate the number of kits needed to do your job, divide the total square feet to be sprayed by the board feet capacity of the Handi Foam kit.

Example: 16 (1.25 ft) wide a 9 ft tall between the joists. Total area between the wall studs = 11.25 square feet. You have to insulate between 50 studs for a total of 563 square feet. ( Divide 563 S.F. by our II-605 Kit (605 board foot kit) = less than 1 kit needed with a little left over for touch ups if required. This calculation is based on achieving a consistent 1 depth of cured foam. Please see this video for an illustration of the proper spraying technique for insulating between wall studs using a Low Pressure Handi-Foam® Spray Kit.

Watch the video.


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