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Handi-Seal® Window & Door Sealant

Handi-Seal® Foam Product Description & Applications

NEW!  Now available in both traditional and the new Eco-Foam formulas!!

Eco SealHandi-Seal® Window & Door Sealant is a high performance insulating and sealing foam designed specifically for window and door frames. Unlike typical expanding foams, Handi-Seal® Window & Door Sealant possesses unique low-pressure expansion properties. This unique Low Pressure specialty foam virtually eliminates any chance of window and door frames bowing or binding after the foam expands.

Handi-Seal® Window & Door Sealant features a closed cell structure. Due to this unique feature, Handi-Seal® will not absorb water. This allows Window & Door Sealant to provide not only a better R-value than regular fiberglass insulation but also means that mold & mildew will be prevented from growing in your walls where foam has been installed. Handi Seal LogoReducing areas in a building that can support mold and mildew growth promotes healthier and longer lasting structures. Unlike typical fiberglass insulation, which is stuffed into gaps and compressed making it almost useless as an insulator, our Handi-Seal has an R-value of 4-5 per inch, blocks drafts and pests and resists mold and mildew. Window & Door Sealant will dry tack-free in 5 minutes and can be cut and trimmed within 1 hr. Optimal temperature of the can contents is between 65 F - 80 F. Air temperature can range from 40F to 115F.

Handi-Seal® Window & Door Sealant Foams are now available in 2 unique formulas. Our traditional 24oz. Handi-Seal® and our new 20oz. Eco-Foam green line, which is manufactured using 10% renewable soy resources. Handi Seal EcoThe use of soy in our eco-foam replaces an equal amount of petroleum-based ingredients and benefits the atmosphere by reducing C02 emissions as well. Additionally, the use of eco-foam will contribute to LEED credits and ENERGYSTAR certification. Gun Foam cans feature a threaded flange designed to attach to one of our economical professional dispensing Gun Foam has the advantage of allowing for more accurate dispensing of the product and the unused foam can be used at a later date as long as the can is kept attached to the tool. Window & Door Sealant is color coded in a distinct gray color. This allows the end user to visually confirm that it is the only foam being used on Window and Door applications.

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