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Handi-Stick® Specialty Gun Foam Adhesives Description & Applications

Handi-Stick® Specialty Gun Foam Handi-Stick® Specialty Gun Foam Adhesives

Handi-Stick® Specialty Foam adhesives are a unique family of 3 specialty polyurethane based foam adhesives. Formulated to create an extremely strong and permanent bond between all common building materials, Handi-Stick® adhesives are stronger, faster and less expensive to use than any other construction adhesive. In every application for which they are designed a single 24 ounce can of Handi-Stick® foam adhesive will replace up to 10 one quart tubes of traditional adhesive products. Handi-Stick® adhesives are available as a Construction Adhesive and as a Subfloor Adhesive. Please read the full descriptions below for more information about how these remarkable products can help you overcome the limitations of traditional adhesives and save time and money too.

Polystyrene Construction Adhesive – Handi-Stick® Polystyrene Construction Adhesive is specifically formulated to use when a quick secure bond is required for drywall, foam board, FRP panels, OSB, plywood and most other building materials. Polystyrene Construction Adhesive excels at bonding rigid foam insulation boards to masonry walls. Unlike conventional adhesives which are slow to bond and difficult to dispense, Handi-Stick® is fast, permanent and highly economical. In fact, one 24 oz. Can of Handi-Stick® provides the same coverage as up to 10 one qt. Tubes of traditional adhesive. To use just dispense on the wall, press foam board into place and hold for a moment. It will quickly develop enough tack to allow you to release the board. In many cases when using Handi-Stick® no additional screws are needed to secure the insulation board. Polystyrene Construction Adhesive dries tack free in apprx. 5 minutes, contains no VOC’s or solvents and dispenses through any of our professional dispensing tools designed for one-component foam can systems.

Handi-Stick® Specialty Gun FoamSubfloor Adhesive - Handi-Stick® Subfloor Adhesive offers builders a faster stronger and more economical bond for adhering subfloors to floor joists. Using Handi-Stick® Subfloor adhesive can reduce squeaks, nail pops and sound transmission. In addition to being much easier and faster to dispense than traditional subfloor adhesives, one 24 oz. Can of Handi-Stick® will provide the same coverage as up to 10 one qt. Tubes of regular adhesives. Handi-Stick® has an “open time” of apprx. 15 minutes and will adhere to dry, wet or frozen lumber. This product will dispense through any of our professional dispensing tools designed for one component foam can systems.

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