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Handi-Foam® One-Component Foam Sealant

Product Description & Applications

Handi-Foam® in use around electrical box.
Handi-Foam® One Component Can Foam is an economical and effective insulating and sealing expanding polyurethane foam. Designed for sealing cracks, seams and smaller gaps, it will eliminate drafts, block insects, deaden sound and repel moisture. Available in three formulations, Standard Foam Sealant, Standard Black Foam and Eco Foam.

Handi-Foam® Eco foam is the newest line of polyurethane foam insulating sealants made of more than 10 percent renewable soy resources. Each pound of the soy-based polyol used in eco foam replaces one pound of petroleum-based polyols and results in a 5.6-pound C02 benefit to the atmosphere. The use of eco foam as an insulation will contribute to LEED credits and ENERGY STAR® certification.

Handi-Foam® Eco LogoHandi-Foam® is also available in a special black formula, ideal for applications where the user wants the foam to blend in visually with darker materials.

Handi-Foam® expands to 2-3 times the original size of the dispensed bead and cures by reacting with the moisture (humidity) present in the air when it is dispensed. It will adhere to all common surfaces except for Teflon, silicone, polyethylene and other plastic surfaces. Can Foam will cure tack-free in 10 minutes, can be trimmed or cut in 1 hour and will reach full cure in 24 hours or less. Optimal application temperature of the can contents is between 65 F—100 F. Air temperature during application can range from 40F to 115F. Cured Handi-Foam® is resistant to a wide range of temperatures ( +200 to - 200 F) and unlike many Can Foams it will repel moisture due to itís unique closed cell properties. One-Component Foam has an R-value of 4-5 per inch, making it very effective for insulating and sealing the air leaks found in most homes and buildings. Polyurethane Foams are not resistant to UV rays and should be painted if used in an area that exposes them to sunlight.

Handi-Foam® One Component Foam and the new Eco Foam are available in Gun Foam can style. Gun Foam cans feature a threaded flange designed to attach to one of our economical professional dispensing guns. Gun Foam has the advantage of allowing for more accurate dispensing of the product and the unused foam in the can may be used at a later date as long as it is kept attached to the gun. Handi-Foam in Black is available in the Gun and Straw foam cans.

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