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Handi-Flow® Pour in Place (Slow Rise Formula)

Product Description & Applications

Magnum DrumHandi-Flow® Pour in Place (Slow Rise Formula) is a low-pressure spray polyurethane foam. It is formulated to slowly rise and fill, insulating large enclosed spaces and blind cavities. Handi-Foam® SR cures tack-free in 60-90 seconds and has a free-rise density of 1.75 lbs. per cubic foot and an in-place density of 2.0 lbs. per cubic foot and a normal R-value of 6-7 per inch. The Handi-Foam® SR Systems meet the Coast Guard Specification requirements for flotation in Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations, Paragraph 183.114. Contains no formaldehyde.

Ideal Applications for Handi- Flow Pour In Place

  • Filling and Insulating Uninsulated Wall Cavities (R-21+ in a 2 x 4 stud wall)
  • Repairing/Replace Boat Hull Insulation/Flotation
  • Fill and Insulate Concrete Block Walls
  • Insulating Cooler walls and doors, Cold Storage facilities
  • Repair and Replace insulation for Hot Tubs and Spas.
  • Soundproofing large resonant cavities, ducts and pipes and walls.
  • Injection Molding of custom shapes, architectural pieces etc
  • Filling Pontoons for buoyancy control.
  • Taxidermy Projects

Relevant part numbers:

HFP10732 II-200
HFP10760 II-600

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